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.....................................pete sampras?

Hey I just joined this community and thought I could might do somesort of introductory post yes? yes.

Name: Christine a.k.a Teeny and Buttons McGuane
Age: 16
Exchange Program: Rotary International
From: Oregon U.S.A. District 5100
Exchange Land:Arequipa, Peru District 4300
Year: 2005-2006

So yes I'm currently living in Arequipa..I also saw that Peru was not listed in the interests...hmmm.

Oh yes and also, yes I am aware that my user name is incorrect spanish please don't tell me about it.

Anyways I was a wonderin' if any of you feel weird about not being homesick too much, people ask me if I miss Oregon or my city or whatever and I'm like "umm..not really." so my host family thinks I'm so some sort of heartless child or something.

Alright chau chau.
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